Our Mission

Our mission is to help women find true healing, happiness, and peace in their lives by taking a whole-woman approach to wellness, understanding and honoring the unique challenges and frustrations that women face, and walking with our clients as they implement their personalized action plan and create sustainable change in their lives. 

Our Values

1. Women have the right to compassionate, holistic healthcare, delivered with integrity, in an environment that feels safe, warm, comforting and respectful. We believe in the power of human caring and the village of woman-to-woman support.

2. The Old English definition of health is: a state of wholeness, being whole, sound or well. We should not aim to simply have an absence of disease, but to have optimal health and wellness: physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

3. Our bodies are not a collection of separate isolated body systems, but a beautifully complex network that strives for inner balance and homeostasis and is capable of healing when given the proper conditions.

4. Caring for oneself is not selfish or frivolous. Nourishing your body, mind, and spirit is essential for life and an act of radical self-love. 

5. When women are well, vibrant, and thriving in all aspects of their lives, they are powerful forces for change in the world.   

Functional Medicine NP

Jacqueline Boone, MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC

Founder & CEO
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Lactation Specialist
Mom of 4


Like many professionals in the field, I fell into Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition through my own personal health journey and life challenges. After a health scare of my own, while studying at Vanderbilt University to become a nurse practitioner, I started on a path to improve my own health.

I pursued educational opportunities in integrative medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, and fitness. Once I began to view health and wellness from this functional, root cause perspective, there was no going back. 

Through the process of my 3 pregnancies and births, breastfeeding challenges and the diagnosis of my Autoimmune Disease, I discovered so many gaps in our healthcare system. 

I felt betrayed, unheard, and flat out not believed by my doctors about my health problems and concerns. I felt lost and alone, without the “village” of support that I thought I was supposed to have.  

I realized that the conventional medical system did not have the answers and resources I needed, and I believed that I was not the only woman having these struggles.  

I made the decision to shift my career to Functional and Integrative Medicine and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching so that I could fill the gap and meet these needs for other women.  

I am so excited to be on this journey and excited to join so many amazing women on their journeys to health, happiness and peace.

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Emily Albert, RN, INHC

Hi! I'm Emily.  I am passionate about helping people live full and healthy lives. I began my health care career as a Registered Nurse in the hospital. After 3 years, I began noticing gaps in the healthcare system.  The same people would return over and over, without true improvement.  In my knowledge, treating disease was important but the question I had was why are people getting sick in the first place? How can we target these issues rather than just fix disease and injury? At the same time I was also dealing with some personal health problems and was getting to the point I needed answers, which seemingly traditional medicine wasn't giving me.  I shifted my focus onto wellness and preventative medicine by working in a medical weight loss center and getting more education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I began my own health coaching business in May 2019 and teamed up with Jacqueline in March 2020.  I can happily say that I am a much happier, healthier woman and I can't wait to work with you towards the same. 

I am married to a very goofy and wonderful husband and have a 3 year cat Jojo.  I love any kind of exercise including Crossfit, dancing, biking, and running. I am also in a master's program through the Maryland University of Integrative Health studying Human Clinical Nutrition and will graduate in Spring 2022. Cheers to your health journey and I can't wait to see you at Blissful Heart soon!

Emily Albert, Health Coach