Hi there!  I am Jacqueline Boone, and I am the owner and founder of Blissful Heart, PLLC.

I am so happy that you are here, and I want to start out the blog by introducing myself and sharing a little about who I am and why I am doing this crazy thing, starting a small business while raising a family.

I am an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Functional Medicine practitioner, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Lactation Specialist,a Major in the Air Force Reserves, a women's health advocate, wife and mother of 3 amazing little humans.

I started out my nursing career in trauma and critical care.  I loved that environment, loved the challenge and I did well in a fast paced, high pressure setting.  As a nurse practitioner, I worked in cardiovascular critical care, and then advanced heart failure and mechanical circulatory support.  I enjoyed my work, and it was truly amazing, life-saving technology that gave many, many people a few more years of life with their loved ones.


I couldn't shake the fact that a lot of the patients I saw had long standing chronic health conditions that could have been prevented if they had had the right help earlier in their lives.

I went into healthcare because I wanted to really help people be well.  I felt like all I was doing was putting a band-aid on symptoms instead of truly helping people solve their underlying health problems.

How I found Functional Medicine (or how it found me)...

I got into Cross Fit while I was in grad school, and went down the podcast rabbit hole (I know some of you have too!).

I learned a lot about health and wellness and first learned about Functional Medicine.  I consumed everything I could in webinars, podcasts, books, and research articles.  Once I started looking at health and wellness from this root-cause perspective, there was just no going back.

I saw the effects first hand in my own health.  Like many of you, I grew up on the Standard American Diet (SAD), and I pretty much ate like a 5-year-old, well into my mid 20's, when I had my first health scare.

I had an abnormal Pap Smear and had to have a colposcopy.  I was terrified.  What if I had cervical cancer?  What if I had to have a hysterectomy?  What if I could never have children?

The results came back and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I had pre-cancerous cells.  My gynecologist told me, "your cervix looks very unhealthy.  There is a lot of very inflamed, friable tissue.  You really need to make some changes to help support your health and your immune system."

I decided that it was time to put on my big girl pants and ....

...eat vegetables (gasp).

Turned out, I actually really liked them! Who knew?

Fast forward several years and I was married and trying to start a family.  My husband and I tried for over a year.  I was tracking my cycle on a calendar and timing everything.  I should have been pregnant.   But I wasn't.

We decided to take a break and I focused on my health and healing my hormones.  I started doing Cross Fit, made nutrition and lifestyle changes, followed a Paleo template, and got in the best health of my life.  I felt amazing and when we decided to start trying again, well... there was only one "try" and we were pregnant!

Through the process of my 3 pregnancies and births, breastfeeding challenges and the diagnosis of my Autoimmune Disease, I discovered so many gaps in our healthcare system.  I felt betrayed, unheard, and flat out not believed by my doctors about my health problems and concerns.

I had to work so hard to find the answers I needed, and I knew that I wasn't the only woman with these struggles.

All along, I kept hearing this gentle whisper in my soul, that I needed to start my own practice; that I needed to be the answer I sought; and I finally decided to listen to that little voice and go for it.

So I gave birth to my fourth baby: Blissful Heart, PLLC.  I believe that women have the right to be heard, trusted and believed and that they deserve to find true and sustainable health and well-being.

I am so excited to be on this journey and excited to join so many women on their journeys to health, happiness and peace.

I hope to share more stories, health tips, recipes, exercise ideas and health hacks here on the blog, so stay tuned!

I'd love to hear about your health journey.  Feel free to share in the comments!


In love and health,


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